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Bill welcomes notes on his book, anything in the brownstone, New York, adventure travel or whatever else is on your mind.

Bill offers a variety of talks on New York's Dutch heritage. Topics range from readings from Mevrouw and how its story uses history to specific areas of history. Sample history topics include "Broken Chain: How the Dutch, the Mohicans and the Mohawks Remembered Early Encounters on the Hudson," and "Sex and the City: The Bawdy Life of Dutch Manhattan."

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Bill's Book

The Mevrouw Who
Saved Manhattan
A Novel of New Amsterdam

"A very authentic ring,
like etchings by
Van Ostade and Steen."

-- Charles Wendell, Ph.D.,
President of the
New Netherland Institute

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Join Mevrouw Jackie Lambert
on a madcap ride through
New York history.

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"Gets better and
better ... toward a
highly satisfying resolution."

"How lusty those Dutch are."